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Foraco Type SM 70
Truck-mounted on a MAGIRUS 4WD Truck engine:
6-cylinder Deutz Rotation head 1200 M/Kg and from 0 - 850 r.p.m.
Lifting force 10 T
Abutment 8T400
4,500 mm rod mast
Clamping vice In good condition

Wirth B0A
Boring machine for water prospecting at approx. 120 m or core-sampling at approx. 200 m Mounted on a trailed axle Deutz F21 912 engine B1A mast and head Main winch Wirth single-cylinder pump Clamping vice In good condition

Wirth B2A boring machine
Boring machine for rotary or down-hole percussive drilling Truck-mounted on a MAN 6WD Truck-engine driven Fitted with a hydraulic head Mast for 6,000 mm rod Main winch and wire line Hydraulic jaw Garner Denver 5"1/2x8" duplex pump Equipment in good condition, tested and repainted

Wirth B3A
Skid-mounted Power-pack driven (Deutz F12v engine and hydraulic generator) skid-mounted Separate control panel
Mast for 9,000 mm rod
B5A hydraulic head
Main winch and wire line winch
Tackle block
All in very good condition Year: 1981

Bonne Espérance FBE 2 boring machine
Truck-mounted on a Magirus 6WD
6-cylinder Deutz truck engine
Rotation head 770M/Kg and from 0 - 450 r.p.m.
Lifting force 6 T
Abutment 4T200
Mast for 3,000 mm rod
Clamping vice
Stabilizer jacks
800 L/min, 30 bar sludge pump

Gardner Denver type Mahyew 1000
Truck-mounted on a Magirus - Man or Mol 6WD
Drill driven by truck engine - 8 cyl Deutz or 6 cyl Man
Mechanical borer with rotation table and Kelly
Pull-down abutment and drive via 2 x 1" lateral chains
Rod capacity 2"7/8 305 m

Failing 1500
Truck-mounted on a Magirus 6WD
Drill driven by Deutz truck engine
Hydraulic borer with hydraulic head or rotation table and Kelly
Rod capacity 2"7/8 500 m
Double winch
Fitted with a 4"1/2x5" pump

Frank 4000 - Ideco H30 et H40
Full literature supplied on request Equipment in perfect working order to oil industry standards

Failing 2500
Semi-trailer mounted
Driven by GM engine
Mechanical borer with 18" rotation table and kelly for 6 m or 9 m rod
Capacity 46 T
Mast with latching bridge
VRods screw and unscrew with BJ or WW wrenches
Pneumatic clutch controls
Double winch
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